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Sleeping PrinceOn Friday 5th February 2016 Waterstones Birmingham had extra special royalty attend their wonderful store!

IMG_0106( Photo above with thanks to @_itslauren_JLS )

The wonderful Melinda Salisbury decided to have not one, but two launches to celebrate the release of The Sleeping Prince and held the second launch in Birmingham which I was so over the moon to be able to attend!

Sleeping PrinceThe Sleeping Prince is the second book in the Sin Eaters Daughter Trilogy and is AMAZING!

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So the setting was set.  Deep on the history level of Waterstones the always wonderful bookseller extraordinaire Jamie started the evening off giving Mel a huge big welcome.


Mel entered the room and settled down and I did a little snigger that behind her were books about Richard III (her love) and Henry VII (her enemy).


Although they were not holding her books like the examples below that myself and the hubby had a great amount of fun using Photoshop with!










We were all given the chance to get our frustrations out and were permitted to heckle and boo Mel for certain things that happen in both The Sin Eater’s Daughter and The Sleeping Prince, but we were all far too polite and possibly in too much awe of such a wonderful writer.  In case we did decide to boo, Mel had a huge bottle of readers tears aka wine on hand!

So the event started and the lovely Mel looked beautiful in her crown.









The event was brilliant and Jamie had some brilliant questions up her sleeve as always.  Mel spoke about The Sin Eater’s Daughter, The Sleeping Prince, myths and fairy tales and her inspirations including Mel’s experiences whilst travelling.

One things that Mel said really stuck in my mind…she said sometimes its good to go a different route home from school or work or get off that bus a stop earlier or later and walk to your destination.  The world is full of inspiration and it’s good to explore.

Mel also mentioned how she has written a couple of short stories with the history of some of the back stories in the books like The Sleeping Prince and The Bringer more for herself so she could write the main books, but it was agreed by everyone in the room that we need these books to be published asap!

*bats eyelashes at Scholastic*



Mel also read from The Sleeping Prince….from the prologue!  Yes indeed!



It was then the audiences turn to ask questions and there were quite a few questions to be asked.  One particular question was about book three.  Mel kept quite tight lipped, but we all have a horrible feeling that she is plotting to kill off probably our favourite characters!  She had that look on her face.

It was interesting to hear that the synopsis for book three had been sent off to Scholastic for approval and also that the start and the end of this trilogy has been set in stone and planned by Mel from day one and it’s not changed.  I’m both amazed and scared about this prospect!  I’m sure she has plans to destroy us all emotionally!

Another fab question was about what she is going to write after the trilogy is complete.  Mel told us that in down time between writing The Sin Eater’s Daughter trilogy she has started something and from what she has described it sounds awesome!  I’m hoping that it gets published so much!

*crosses fingers*


( Photo above with thanks to @WaterstonesBham )

Once the time for the signing came it was time for Mel to dig out the wax seal!  That’s right!  Waterstones literally let Mel play with fire.  After using gold wax at her first launch in London (and setting Samantha Shannons book on fire) we had complete faith that she was now a pro at this.  Using silver wax for this launch we all couldn’t wait for Mel to get signing!


ms1( Photo above with thanks to @lizzy_lupin )


( Photo above with thanks to @WaterstonesBham )

It was also fab to see some friends at the event.  It feels like it’s been too long since I last saw some of these beautiful faces.  Here’s a few…

IMG_0098It was then time for a well earned glass of wine and of course to give Mel her little launch present that I brought for her.  I forgot to take a picture of it but basically it was a tote bag with her two books printed on each side 🙂

It was a really fab night!  I had so much fun!

Thanks Waterstones Birmingham for hosting such a fab event and a huge thank you and congratulations to my lovely friend and wonderful author Melinda Salisbury!

One amazing lady!


About Melinda Salisbury

Melinda Salisbury Latest Headshot

When not working on her next novel, Melinda Salisbury is busy reading and travelling, both of which are now more addictions than hobbies.

To find out more about Melinda check out here website – www.melindasalisbury.com

Or why not follow her on twitter – @ahintofmystery


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