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Tales Events – Arsenic For Tea Launch With Robin Stevens


This is the story of how I had tea at three and then was worried all the way to midnight!

You see the tag line for the awesome Arsenic For Tea by Robin Stevens is…..

“Tea at three.  Murder at midnight”

*Looks at invite.  Sees the words 3pm, free tea and arsenic*


As I am here writing this I managed to survive!  Hurrah!  And have to say I had the greatest time at this launch!

On a cold February morning I set off into the unknown land of Cambridge.  I had never visited before so I was really excited to have a look around.  Its such a lovely town made even better by this fab display in the Waterstones Cambridge window!



Walking into Waterstones Cambridge was a delight!  I had the shakes on as there were sooooo many books I wanted and I was on a self inflicted book buying ban!  Noooooooo!

I loved all the displays and super author chair in the children’s department of the store!








And I loved the lovely cakes and tea that Robin had laid on for all of her budding detectives……although was there any arsenic present….lets hope not?!








After signing lots of books Robin kick started the launch by thanking lots of people including family and friends and we then got to hear a fab extract form Arsenic For Tea!















It was then time for Robin to cut the cake and for us to eat and chat!  Woooo hoooo!


Photo thanks to @yayeahyeah with approval and thanks

We were even given these fab detective packs to fill in ….okay maybe they were for the younger detectives but I’m a big kid at heart!


We then got an extra bun break treat as Robin read another extract from Arsenic For Tea.  This confirmed to me that Robin should record the audio book for both of her books as I love the way she read the extracts and would pay to listen to her tell me stories all day!

Either that or the Arsenic was taking effect!  Only joking! *nervous laugh*








I got to meet some awesome people at the launch as well as Robin!  I finally got to meet Jim from @yayeahyeah, Charlie from @charlieinabook, wonderful authors Louisa Reid and Katy Cannon (thanks for signing my book Katy) and I got to see the lovely Mel Salisbury again!  There were so many people there to support Robin it was lovely.

I also had the privilege in meeting the lovely lady that is Gemma Cooper and got to witness the wonder of these super fab nails for myself!  Take a look!


Photo thanks to Gemma Cooper with permission and thanks

Checkout the fab nails Gemma did for the Murder Most Unladylike launch!  How awesome! What a super cool agent Robin has!


Photo thanks to Gemma Cooper with permission and thanks

After the launch it was time for any adult detectives to follow the mystery trail….it was a terrifying journey full of clues, dead bodies and murder weapons but we all made it… the pub!  Oh Yes! Hic Hic Hic

















It really was a fab launch and a huge thank you to Robin for having me and for all the lovely people I got to meet old and new making me feel so welcome!

Congrats to Robin on the fab launch of Arsenic For Tea!

*checks time*

*two minutes past midnight….phew I survived – Tea at three.  Murder at midnight! Yay!*








On a separate note my son Corey read and loved Murder Most Unladylike but was unable to come to the book launch, but he managed to attend a detective class with Robin in Oxford a couple of weeks later!  It was awesome and he loved it!  He even wanted to turn back time and do it all over again.  Thank you Robin!

IMG_3180Also check out this fab guest post from Robin about Trains and First Class Murder the 3rd Murder Most Unladylike book here !

Happy Reading!



Tales Events – Electric Monkey Blogger Day 2015


Electric Monkey Logo

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Electric Monkey Blogger Day on the 18th February 2015 with some other fab bloggers and awesome guest authors.  Early morning on the 18th I set my alarm for a time when no alarm should ever be set *shivers* and headed for the train station!  London bound! Yipppeeeee!

Entering the Egmont floor of the yellow building was so lovely.  A huggggeeee Egmont sign filled the reception area as well as wonderful bloggers chatting and authors mingling.  I was immediately greeted by the fab Electric Monkey team who were super friendly and welcoming!  I also had a surprise guest pop and visit me and the other bloggers – Robin Stevens!  She actually works at Egmont so it was so lovely seeing her again….for the third time for me this month lol




Photo left by @cloverness with permission

Photo right by @cloverness with permission


Photo left by @cloverness with permission














Our first talk of the day was from the inspirational Elizabeth Wein who talked about her books, her family and the inspiration behind her stories.  I was mesmirized by her completely and even following the event I am in awe of her.  She was amazing!










After her talk she showed us some artefacts that she has collected and passed them around which was super cool!



Photos above by @kitkatscanread with permission








A wonderful lunchtime spread was laid on for all bloggers, authors and staff members and much chatting and fun was had by all! Complete with awesome mine craft pillows that my son would love!









Photo below by @kitkatscanread with permission


We also got to hear from two wonderful debut authors, Lisa Heathfield who debut Seed is out in April 2015 (I’ve just read this and it was amazing!) and Rachel McIntyre who’s debut Me & Mr J is out now (which I am yet to read)!








 FullSizeRenderWe got to hear all about their wonderful books, their inspiration and the love for their covers.  Lisa Heathfield’s inspiration for her book Seed, set within a cult, came to her via a writing spirit  and the book was written telling the story of this little girl called Pearl.

Rachel’s inspiration came from teaching a class at a school who all thought it was cool that a student who had left the school was dating a teacher.  Rachel explained that she wrote this book for them to say its really not okay for a teacher to do this.

They were both fascinating talks and both lovely people who I am so pleased to have met.


Photo on the left by @kitkatscanread & photo above by @cloverness with permission









You can check out my review of Seed here

Or check out my Q&A with Lisa Heathfield here

We then were given the opportunity to meet the graphic designer Ben who created the beautiful stunning cover for Seed who talked us through the cover designing process.  This was an absolutely fascinating talk and was really interesting to find out the thought process and work that goes into creating a cover for a book and Ben, given that he was not used to speaking in front of people, gave a brilliant presentation!


Photo above @kitkatscanread with permission










The last part of the afternoon was handed over to new debut author Katy Birchall who’s debut book The It Girl is out in May 2015 and with herself and the lovely Lindsey reading an extract dialogue from the book this book is set to be an hilarious huge it which I cannot wait to read!


Photo above @kitkatscanread with permission


Check out an hilarious guest post from Katy Birchall here

Or to read an extract from The It Girl here

Check out my review of The It Girl here

Or find out more about The It Girl 3 in this exclusive interview with, It Girl, Anna Huntley here

This brought an end to our day…but not before some tea and gorgeous cupcakes….and okay more chatting!









Above photo by @cloverness with permission

At the end of the day we were given some super awesome goodie bags full of wonderful books, bookmarks and treats.


Al the bags were personalised with a name tag and upon getting home and checking out all of the goodies I discovered why!  The proof copy of Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls was personalised and signed by the author herself who wasn’t at the event, Lynn Weingarten!  This was such a wonderful surprise and so lovely!








I was also lucky enough to witness Lisa Heathfield being handed a finished copy of her book Seed that came in later in the afternoon just before we were leaving and its so pretty and shiny!


A huge huge thank you to all of the staff at Electric Monkey / Egmont for inviting me and making me feel so welcoming at your offices.  A huge thank you to all of the authors who I met and who did talks and presentations  you were all lovely!  Also a huge thank you to the other bloggers for all being awesome and making me laugh (so much) and smile (a lot)!


Picture thanks to Electric Monkey

Check out more tweets and pictures from the day by checking out the hashtag #EMBLOGGERDAY on twitter

Happy Reading!


Tales Events – Scholastic Blogger Brunch 2015


Back in December I received a very exciting email!  An invitation to my first ever book blogging event!  It was from Rachel at Scholastic and I was hugely excited reading the invite as not only did it sound fab I would get to meet two wonderful debut authors who I had been chatting to on twitter for a while.


Upon replying and accepting the invitation is suddenly dawned on me that I may actually get to also meet some of the other awesome bloggers I have got to know through twitter!  I quickly found out through twitter and with the help of Bookish Peeps who was going and I had been so excited ever since!

On the cold morning of the 24th January with trains booked to London, alarm set for 5am and a round of cold cardboard toast for the journey I set off in excitement.

Walking into the 5th floor Children’s Department office at Scholastic with the lovely Charlotte from Epona Reviews who I met up with beforehand (it was her first event too) we were warmly welcomed by the wonderful Rachel and were given a name badge (which embarrassingly I forgot to take off after the event so walking round London everyone knew my name! *gulps*)


(Photo thanks to @DarkRReviews)

We were then invited to….well basically eat all of this wonderful food that Scholastic has laid on…well it was a brunch after all so it would have been rude not to have a munch wouldn’t it! :-). And we got to adore all the pretty covers of lovely books whilst we grazed…what more could we ask for!


(Photo thanks to @DarkRReviews)

We heard about some absolutely fab titles coming out from Scholastic this year which all sounded fantastic!

















Check out my review of Sarah Sky’s Jessica Cole Model Spy Catwalk Criminal here

Then up first following her night at the Natural History Museum for Dinosnores (which sounds so fab) and armed with a super Lama at the front Fox at the side pen Mel Salisbury introduced and talked about her debut novel – The Sin Eaters Daughter.  I loved how Mel talked about how her own travelling experiences are reflected in the book as she was introduced to so many different cultures when travelling.  It was also great to hear that a scene in the book which involves a mirror maze it actually based on an actual mirror maze in Prague where Mel had visited and whilst seeing lots of herself in the maze thought of the scene – I can’t wait to read this!










Afterwards I got to chat to Mel and get my book signed!









I met up with Mel later in the year – check here to find out what she got up to at the Birmingham event!

Next up was the lovely Eve Ainsworth talking about her book 7 Days.  I loved the way Eve talked and described the book talking about the two narratives and that working with teens had allowed her to see both sides of the story of bullying.  I loved the way Eve champions UKYA and the hope that her book opens up discussions and bullying.

Eve has written a blog post about attending the event here








Afterwards I got to chat to Eve and get my book signed!








Check out my review of 7 Days here

And also a Q&A with a character from the book here

What I also really enjoyed about the event is I got to meet so many wonderful bloggers!  Blogger I have been chatting to on twitter for a while who I had never met before and new to me bloggers who I discovered.  It was so nice to chat in person and enjoy each others company and everyone was so lovely!


(Photo thanks to Zara – @thebook_addict )























(Photos thanks to Michelle @cloverness )

A huge huge thank you to Rachel and Scholastic for inviting me to my first ever event and thank you to all the wonderful book bloggers I met and Mel and Eve – you all really made my day!

And I got a fab goody bag!  Thanks Scholastic!  I feel like a very lucky girl indeed!


You can check out the love tweeting by scholastic from the event on the hashtag #bloggersbookfeast

After the event enjoyed the sites of London and of course visited some book shops including the newly moved Foyles and Waterstones Piccadilly which were amazing!

Did you go to the Scholastic book blogger brunch?  Have you been to any other events?  What are your favourite book shops in London?  I would love to hear from you!  Why not leave a comment using the reply button above or tweet me in twitter using @chelleytoy.

Happy Reading!




Tales Events – Meeting E Lockhart



Last Friday, the 5th December, I had the absolute privilege of meeting the wonderful E Lockhart at Waterstones Birmingham High Street who were hosting the event which included a talk, question and answers and a book signing!  I also got to finally meet up with fellow blogger Rosie from EatReadGlam – it was lovely to finally meet someone I’ve been chatting to on twitter and have a good bookish chat in real life and trying to resist buying more books!

E Lockhart was visiting the UK from America after being invited over by her publisher, Hot Keys Books.  A lady full of confidence she started the book talk off with a bang welcoming us all and telling us what she has been up to whilst over in the UK which involved visiting schools and book stores for book events just like this one.

photo 1photo 2

photo 3

E Lockhart took us on a wonderful journey firstly talking about We Were Liars.  She talked about how her own childhood growing up in the 70’s in a communal house influenced her writing.  When E Lockhart was younger she used to catch a boat with her Mother over to a place in America called Martha’s Vineyard and she described how the scenic views of the remote islands with the private houses inspired We Were Liars as she always wondered what was going on on those islands where no one could see.

E Lockhart also described childhood memories of some illustrated books that her Mother had kept for many years having received them off her Father.  The wonderful illustrations in the books helped inspire her as well and also gave the influence of the treasured possessions idea in We Were Liars.

E Lockhart explained how We Were Liars is her first book to have a map in which she has always wanted in her books.

Check out my review of We Were Liars here!

 photo 6photo 4







E Lockhart spoke about her new book that has been released in the UK – The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks.  She explained how in America this book came out before We Were Liars.  As the book is set in a college she began to reminisce about her own college years, about the fact that after being accepted on a writing course she ended up hating writing with a teacher who gave little feedback.  Once finishing college she and her Father, who is a playwright began writing things back and forwards by the good old fashioned snail mail back then which was fun and she started enjoying writing again.

Before writing YA E Lockhart explained that she wrote a few adult fiction and essay guides before finding her niche in YA writing.

E Lockhart read out a passage from The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks which I thoroughly enjoyed.

photo 7photo 9

photo 8

Questions and Answers then followed which were initially started by Alice from the Waterstones staff and then the audience.  Some great questions were asked and it was nice to hear no spoilers.

photo 11

It was also announced that E Lockhart’s next book, How To Be Bad which is written with two other authors, Sarah Mlynowski and Lauren Myracle  is due for a paperback release by Hot Keys Books on the 4th June 2015.  It sounds amazing and I cannot wait for this release!  The kindle version is available now by clicking here.


E Lockhart also revealed that she is writing her next book but is unable to release details although she gave away one tiny clue….that it involves a little murder!  Literally cannot wait!

It was then time for the book signing and hand stamping time!  If you haven’t read We Were Liars (see my review here) there are some motivational quotes in the book that are truly lovely and E Lockhart explained that everyday throughout her UK book tour she has been writing a different saying on her hands (hence the black marker pen on her hands in the pictures above).  The hand stamps were these quotes taken from the book We Were Liars and I was over the moon that they were still working – thank you Rosi from Hot Keys (It’s the little things in life).

photo 15

photo 21photo 22

photo 14

I was even given a fab poster which E Lockhart signed too!  So as well as taking over my husbands office with books I have now begun with posters!! (Evil Laugh)


It was a great evening and a big thank you goes out to the team at Waterstones Birmingham High Street, Hot Keys Books and the wonderful E Lockhart who it was an absolute pleasure to meet.

I also have a little give away to commemorate the event.  I purchased an extra copy of We Were Liars and an extra copy of The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks whilst I was at the event to do a giveaway on twitter and I am over the moon to announce that the wonderful E Lockhart signed these for me for my giveaway and also stamped the copy of We Were Liars with the hand stamp!  I will be running two seperate retweet, follow and win on twitter which will end at 11:59pm on 16th December 2014 with winners announced on the 17th December 2014!

Please note that if you win I will need your address to enable me to post the book out to you and if your quick I may even be able to get it to you before Christmas although I cannot guarantee this.  This will be requested via private DM on twitter.  The winners will be selected at random for each competition and my intention is to enter all entries for each book into a hat and draw the winners out – the old fashioned way! 

Please be reminded there will only be one winner of each book and I only have one copy of each book to giveaway all you have to do is follow me on twitter and retweet the tweet for whichever book you would like to win or retweet both.

U.K. and Ireland Only

Good Luck


Click here for the We Were Liars – Signed Book Giveaway

photo 222

Click here for the The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks Giveaway

photo 111

You can buy E Lockhart’s books here

If you would like to know more about E Lockhart and her other books check her out on her website or follow her on twitter using @elockhart

Don’t forget to check out my review of We Were Liars here

Happy Reading


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