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Spotlight – The Big Comfy Bookshop

119966As part of a fab idea by Jim over at YaYeahYeah and the hashtag #BookshopChallenge I present to you independent book shop The Big Comfy Bookshop!

In early January I was recommended to visit this shop by the wonderful people at Kenilworth Books.  Based in Coventry in the Fargo Village which is not far from where I live I thought I would make the trip and visit and I was not disappointed!

Looking the address up on the internet I discovered the The Big Comfy Bookshop’s motto is….

“Getting the community together to discuss, learn, play and create”

And I can assure this is exactly what this bookshop does!

IMG_2800Walking into The Big Comfy Bookshop I was immediately welcomed by Michael the shop owner who was busy preparing tea, coffee and cake for customers!  Yes cake everyone!  This book shop has cake!


The bookshop was full of books all in different relevant sections for me to browse…and browse I did!  There is literally every genre you could think of and just books everywhere….and cake 🙂

I loved this huge map picture on the wall!

IMG_2802  There’s even a huuuggggeeee red sofa at the far end of the shop and lots of tables and chairs inviting people to grab that book and cake and relax!





























I also loved the kids section in the shop….full of classics and fab children’s books…..I even managed to pick up a couple of Point Horror Books for #pointhorrorbookclub!  I was like a kid in a sweet shop!



As well as running a fab independent and second hand bookshop Michael’s other love is music and from the bookshop he invites bands in to record sessions and interviews.

For more about this and who is responsible click here

Michael explained to me that they were just about to record a Big Comfy Session with a band called Megson, and English folk duo and invited me to take a seat, have a look at the books and enjoy!  Being a big fan of music as well as books I did just that! It was awesome!

Take a look at the finished recorded product here!  It was brilliant!

I can honestly say that Michael has done a fab job with The Big Comfy Bookshop considering it has only been open for just over a year and with his mission of bringing the community together he has done just that!  He has made a place where book lovers can look, read and stroke books (just me?), people can listen to live music, drink tea and eat cake, socialise and meet up with friends and family,  join in on a book or film club or even fun activities for the children and even take part in a retro gaming night!  And yes that includes Golden Eye and Mario Kart!  SOLD!

I will defiantly be visiting again soon….I CAN’T WAIT!

Thank you Michael for welcoming me with open arms into your book shop and for being AWESOME!

If you live local and haven’t visited this shop then what are you waiting for…..

Find The Big Comfy Bookshop on twitter using @bigcomfybooks or visit the website / blog here where you can catch up on how the bookshop came to be!

Also check out the fab events The Big Comfy Bookshop have coming up – here

Thanks Jim for having such a fab idea setting up the challenge! #BookshopChallenge – join in or for more information on the #BookshopChallenge visit Bookish Peeps Here.


Spotlight – Kenilworth Books


As part of a fab idea by Jim over at YaYeahYeah and the hashtag #BookshopChallenge I present to you independent book shop Kenilworth Books.

After seeing this book shop retweeted by Jim via Books Are My Bag and with the shop only being about 30 minutes drive from where I live I decided to make a trip.

On a cold frosty Saturday morning I hopped in my car and drove to find this lovely looking bookshop.

Upon entering the shop from the cold I was immediately welcomed by such friendly staff and offered a drink if I would like one and was left to browse.








Beautiful quotes in the window displays and fabulous book displays surrounded me making the shop feel like a book lovers cove!




Kenilworth books is simply a lovey shop and I was literally in book heaven.  They have a wide range of books including fiction, non fiction, Adult fiction, children’s, young adult, gardening, history and so much more.

Me being me I immediately gave the shop the YA test…which basically means what cool YA books do they have…and I was not disappointed at all.  Even finding lots of UKYA including Holly Bourne and Sally Green.



Along with this fab YA section was a beautiful children’s section full of great MG and children’s reads complete with table and chair although I am a little big to sit in the chair….no I didn’t try it….I’m not goldilocks….although it did look inviting!



In a little corner of Kenilworth Bookshop I discovered that they had recently adopted a hedgehog and have a section dedicated to wildlife which was really interesting and unique as around the shop you see little cuddly hedgehogs appearing which shows how much love the owners have for not only for books but wildlife too.



Naturally I had to buy a book or two whilst I was there….it would have been rude not to and due to the range of books I had trouble choosing just two….that were meant to be only one…..that almost ended up as three…oh you get the picture….here’s what I bought right off the shelves! One for the Classics Challenge and both for the British Books Challenge.  It was also really good to hear that I could phone up and order a book and pick it up next day if I wanted.


It’s really good to find a fab independent bookshop that I can get to easily and that I loved!  Thank you to Kenilworth Books for the chat, tea, books and for letting me take so many photos!  I will definitely be visiting again soon!

Find Kenilworth Books on twitter using @kenilworthbook or find them on facebook here !

Thanks also to Jim and Books Are My Bag for helping me discover this book shop and to Jim for having such a fab idea setting up the challenge! #BookshopChallenge – join in or for more information on the #BookshopChallenge visit Bookish Peeps Here.


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