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PHBC – Hit And Run by R L Stine


Do you remember the Point Horror Book Series from the 90’s?  The Point Horror Series was a series of young adult point horror books and was launched in 1991 by Scholastic always with the Point Horror banner on the spine and on the top of every point horror book.  There were a number of authors that wrote these books for Scholastic: R L Stine, Diane Hoh, Caroline B Cooney, Sinclair Smith to name but a few.

Are the Point Horror books we loved as a teenager still our favourites on the re-read?  Are you new to Point Horror?  Has our opinion changed?  Are they still as good?  Do they stand up to modern day YA Horror?  Or are they a whole load of cray cray?

Lets find out…


 Join in the discussion with this months title!

Hit And Run By R L Stine


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** Please note that as this is a discussion there will be spoilers**

The Tagline

Look before you leap!

Okay ….so…What’s It All About?

A group of friends are due to take their driving test, the good girl, the joker, the jock and the shy guy and after playing too many practical jokes on one of the group Eddie they decide one night ,when their parents are not around obvs, to take the car out for a spin and some get in some extra practise!

But isn’t that illegal?!  What if they got caught?!

Pfft!  Chill there’s totally nothing to worry about!  Nothing whatsoever….I mean they only run over a guy and leave him for dead on the side of the road!  No biggie!

But that’s called a Hit and Run!

Ohhhhhhh now I get why the book is called Hit & Run!

Anyway onwards we must go….

So the four friends try to forget about the poor dead guy, Brandt Tinker (not a joke)…..


I’m trying to tell a synopsis here!

Anyway….then the phone calls start and the threatening letters turning up….you know the drill, but this time they appear to be from the dead guy, Brandt Tinkers!  Could he really be alive and out to get revenge?!

The Girl

With her crimped blonde hair, face full of freckles and lively green eyes I kind of liked Cassie Martin.  A normal 16 year old girl who’s short, thin athletic appearance made her look twelve. She hung out with her three best friends and she even had a secret crush on the one, Scott Baldwin.  This being said I loved how Cassie always gave us the plus and negative sides to her friends and her inside thoughts ie wishing Winks to be more serious and Scott, her crushes laugh making her teeth itch!

*scratches teeth*

It made me growl a little that her athletic tendencies seemed to be used as an excuse for hanging out with three boys instead of girls.  I don’t think this should have been an issue that kept needing to be brought up throughout the book, especially when the three boys were….lets say idiots Point Horror Boys!

Cassie did make me laugh though when she receives a phone call and the operator tells her it’s the supposed dead man they ran over and she accepts the call!  I mean would you?!

She wasn’t the worst Point Horror Girl we have come across, but just not the best….

The Love Interest

Scott Bladwin was described as more of a follower than a leader by Cassie.  A sheep rather than a tiger.


The big, blonde jock with brawny shoulders, broadneck and brains.  He was the full back on the football team, all state wrestler, class representative on the student government, held a solid B Plus Average, held an after school job (that he never seemed to be at throughout the book) and an all round guy who’s picture is in every year book.

I mean wow!  Can this guy be any better!

Unfortunately his personality was not the best Point Horror Boy we have ever had.  He has no idea Cassie has a crush on him and a really annoying laugh apparently and is described as good looking in a teddy bear sort of way?!!

I mean ….whaaaaaa???

thY8WHAY99He was the classic red herring!

He did go up in my estimation for that yellow poloroid camera though, that awkward kiss with Cassie and the way he didn’t really care if people took the mickey out of him.

The Gang

Bruce “Winks” Winkleman….upon first description I knew he would have been the boy that 15 year old Chelle would have swooned over.  Stringy brown hair down to his shoulders, short pudgy nose, blue denim jacket with his Fathers war medals pinned to it, faded jeans with gaping holes, black rimmed Buddy Holly glasses slightly to big for his slender face, one kind of smile, a devilish grin, the joker and a good guy once you get to know him.

Apparently!  Yes I soon changed my mind!

I realised very quickly that he took his “dumb jokes and schemes” way to far and literally would do anything for a laugh.  He practically bullies poor Eddie and gets everyone else to join in on the bullying!  Was it just me who laughed when he got run over by the “corpse”?  I did a little ha you deserved it sucker at my book!  🙂

His eyeball trick was plain gross….even I would have fainted and his car trick with the brakes was really all just about setting him up as the suspect in the story.

Eddie Katz the short, quiet, timid and frightened looking friend with his curly black hair, dark red circles on his cheeks, who wants to be a doctor but appears to not be able to deal with people let alone dead bodies and blood and who blushes far to easily.  He is the subject of Wink’s practical jokes and I really felt for him.  Everyone plays the jokes on him and he is a good sport about it all…..well that is until he decides to get payback on his “friends”.

It was a little obvious he was the one playing the tricks and who set up the whole hit and run scenario in my opinion.

Brandt Tinkers….the dead guy!  Yep that’s right the already dead guy that Eddie “claims” he ran over and killed even though he was already dead!  So stiff he could stand up on his own!  I mean the poor guy!  Not only does he have to suffer the name Brandt Tinkers he gets run over, shoved in and out of different cars and trunks and I do not even want to think about how he must have smelled!  OMG!

A little mention to Jerry, Eddies cousin who worked at the morgue and who supplied the eyeball to Winks and a dead body (which I’m pretty sure is illegal) to Eddie all in the name of a practical joke!  Tall and broad sholdered, built like a fall back, with long, frizzy blonde hair that fell unbrushed around his micheivious face.  He was like a cross between Winks and Scott and completely the opposite to his cousin Eddie.  He loved his diamond stud and cowboy boots and although helping Eddie initially with his so called joke it took him far to long to realise that the joke had gone to far!

I want to do a shout out here to the parents in this book too!  Oh how they made me laugh!  I did fear the worst for the parents when on page three the classic “the parents are out” is mentioned and then as we went on the parents were either at the cinema or in bed or out for dinner, but then something changed!  About halfway into this book the most rare thing happened.  The parents became involved in their childrens lives and were real people with real personalities.  Grounding their children and wearing bath robes and answering the phone at 3am in the morning and actually caring about there child being laid up and left for dead in the hospital!  I mean what craziness is this!  Yes Mr Stine!  Yes!

I especially liked Mrs Katz who just wanted everyone to love her yellow moist cake!

A part of me did wish that they were the evil twist in this book and were playing the pratical jokes on the kids as some type of Point Horror revenge gone wrong!!

*evil laugh*

Fashion Faux Pas

This book mentioned clothing all over the place!

It mentioned pump up sneakers…..a sign of the 90’s for sure!

th3P2G4BZ9A Bart Simpson t-shirt….

keepitrealvtg_34251383878136And best of all Wink’s bright yellow sweater and green corduroys that made him look like a chicken….


Dialogue Disasters

I have to admit I didn’t find many in this one….but these few made me chuckle…

“Cassie has been athletic all her life, playing sports, swimming, bike riding and hanging out with the boys in her neighbourhood”


With an opening sentence like this I thought this was going to be Point Romance!

“We won’t need headlights.  Winks can run ahead of us in that sweater”


“Brandt Tinkers Eddie said staring at his corpse.  Brandt Tinkers”

Yep we were all thinking the same….who came up with this name #ClassicPointHorrorName

“Even though it was only seven thirty she was already in a flannel night gown and bathrobe”

I’m normally in mine by 6:30!

“Eddie had pulled into himself like a frightened turtle”

Peek A Boo!


Body Count

A lame one….and even he was already dead!  Disappointing to say the least!

Is it scary?

No no no!  Not scary at all I’m afraid.

Did the best friend do it?

Well yeah….one of the best friends did do it!

*throws confetti*

Some Mild Peril?

Hmmmmm I guess being run over and left for dead and being told to run for your life whilst a car tries to mow you down classes as mild peril.

Other than that I’m not sure…..

I know one thing for sure definitely not a threatening note written in purple crayon lol

Is it any good?

I actually kind of liked this one…it was like a first version of I Know What You Did Last Summer with a few more plot wholes and before they cast Sarah Michelle Geller….I enjoyed it.  Okay the twist was guessable and the threats not really that scary, but it was enjoyable.

Also did anyone else notice the obsession with the colour yellow in this book?  Yellow food, yellow clothes, yellow camera, yellow cake, yellow lights…….and there was that hospital that was….wait for it….. pea soup green.  All green.  Green every where ruining my mellow yellow coma that I was in.

Final Thought

Fluffy the cat!


Cover Wars

Which do you prefer?










Over to you!

As well as your thoughts on the book I’ve added some fun questions to ponder!

  • What practical joke would you have played on Winks?
  • Were the parents in on it?
  • What was Brandt Tinkers back story other than being a poor homeless guys who’s body was used for prank purposes?
  • What yellow thing would you have added into the book?

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And the winner was…..


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Thanks for joining in….




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